Values & Commitments

All are welcome

As a company that focuses on adventure, connection and, above all love, Janice Power Weddings in committed to welcoming couples of all orientations, genders, colours, religions, races, creeds, nationalities, ages, sizes, and abilities.


Everyone is deserving of love and to have an adventure of a life time. I am committed to making that possible for any couple that inquires. 


Love, is love, is love and I am here for it.

Contribution to climate defence

A percentage of every sale will be donated to an environmental charity focusing on the reduction of climate change.
It is one of my core beliefs that the natural world is for everyone and that it is everyone's duty to protect it as best they can.

If we do not stand up and act as advocates for our natural world than the places we love to explore so much will cease to exist.

Caring for Our Wild Places

Janice Power Weddings abides by all Leave No Trace principles. I am dedicated to helping you craft an unbelievable experience in the wild world but I am also dedicated to preserving that natural space for others to enjoy after you.

If you do not know what the Leave No Trace Principles are, not to worry! I've got you covered. I make sure to discuss these ethics with all of my clients through out their planning processes.

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Small Business Advocate

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Over Quantity

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Keeping You Safe

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